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This is the third post in the series 5 Best System Optimization solutions. If your PC is getting slow and unresponsive then its time to clean and optimize your system. Windows users have lots of options when it comes to optimizing the operating system, but Iobit's Advanced System Care is by far the best Windows full system maintenance suite. Its available in Free and Pro version that are both packed with system tools that improve system performance, clean junk files, defragment hard drives and fix spyware problems: there is hardly anything that Advanced SystemCare does not provide a tool for.

Its interface is also pretty refined and clean, providing description of all tools.

You can visit the Iobit website here to download the free version.
It has four core modules, and the PC health status in the footer area on the screen.

The Quick Care module runs only some of the scans that Deep Scan offers. Deep Care basically is a set of optimizations the program performs, from defragmenting the Registry to fixing vulnerabilities and optimizing the system configuration.

Here is a list of all Deep Care modules:

Full Malware Removal – Scans the system for spyware and security threats.
Deep Registry Fix – Scans the Registry for errors, broken links and other issues.
Registry Defrag – Optimizes the Registry to speed up system start.
System Optimization – Optimizes select system parameters to speed up the PC.
Startup Optimization – Optimizes and delays startup items to speed up the start of the computer.
Shortcut Fix – Fixes or removes broken and invalid shortcuts.
Privacy Sweep – Deletes web browser, Windows and third party application history information from the PC. Supports Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera, as well as
Junk Files Clean – Deletes temporary files that are not longer need to free up disk space.
Security Defence – Offers to block known, malicious or unwanted websites, cookies and ActiveX-based spyware.
Disc Scan – Scans the hard drives for disk errors and attempts to fix them.
Vulnerability Fix – Checks for vulnerabilities, e.g. security patches that have not been installed – and prompts to install them.
Disk Defragment – A basic defragmentation tool.

Advanced Systemcare creates backup before making any changes to your PC, making sure you can restore the system if issues are encountered afterwards.

Turbo Boost is the third module. Advanced SystemCare suggests to turn of system services, background applications and to switch to a basic theme when Turbo mode is activated. It offers suggestions on what to deactivate, but you can customize as per your need.
 Even better, it only takes one click to restore the previous system state to leave Tubo mode .

The Toolbox is a collection of system tools divided into the five groups Clean, Optimize, Repair, Security and Control.
There are tools available that are not used by above stated three modules. This includes IOBit Uninstaller to remove programs and run a scan for leftovers, the File Shredder to permanently delete files on the system or Driver Manager to update, backup and restore system drivers. Only negative point is that some tools are not available in free version.

Interested users can download the free version of Advanced SystemCare right away to test the program’s functionality. Keep in mind that the program tries to install the IOBit Toolbar during installation.
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