DNS Jumper: Configure DNS fast and easy

Changing  DNS on your computer requires manual configuration. While it's not difficult for most people to change the DNS servers in the operating system, many users will not attempt these changes for fear of causing problems with their PC.

DNS Jumper can help the users by providing a simple GUI for changing their DNS with just few clicks.

DNS Jumper makes DNS configuration fast and easy.
You can manually select the DNS server from the list which lists 50+ DNS services, or let DNS Jumper select the fastest DNS Service for you.

You can also add DNS Servers to list manually. Other features include-
  • Backup option so that you can revert to you previous configuration if anything goes wrong.
  • Flush the existing DNS cache on your PC.
  • Check/Test the response time of your current DNS.
You can download DNS Jumper from developer's website here.

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