8 Free Peer-To-Peer File sharing Services

Though there are many free file sharing services on the web which allows you to send files to others, but the process requires uploading the files first and often registering with the file sharing service.

Browser based Peer to Peer (P2P) free file transfer services are good alternatives, as they are browser based thus requires no installation of some program. Secondly, no file size limit. You can send large size files with no limit. And not to forget as its P2P therefore no uploading, just transferring of files.

How it works. You just select the file to transfer. The service gives you a download link to share with anyone. Then the service creates a connection between you and whoever you share the link with, so your file is not uploaded anywhere rather, the link serves only as a gateway for transferring the file from your computer to the recipient.

Here are some features of P2P File sharing -

No Registration required
No need to register. Just select the file, share the link, and transfer.Simple!

Your files are sent the shortest way - directly between the recipient and you. Though the speeds would depend on the sender's and the receiver's bandwidth.

The Website generates a unique url for your file which you share with another user, thus you entirely control who downloads the file. No intermediate servers - just sender and receiver. And the links are for just one use,and expires after the file is downloaded once.

No File Size Limit
Send Large files hassle free.

Requires No Installation
As the whole process is browser based therefore no need to install any software.

Here are the free P2P File sharing services-

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