Internet Explorer : Silent Updates from this year

Internet Explorer is continuously losing its market share to other emerging browsers such as Chrome which is making its way to be next Market leader in this Browser war. Now the main reason for this decline is that many users of the Internet Explorer browser are not updating the web browser. If you look at the browser’s market share, you will notice that users are still working with Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 and not the latest version Internet Explorer 9 (IE8 for XP users).
Many user don't update Internet Explorer as they never use it. But in reality, if you use Windows you use IE in the background whether you want or not, which still poses security threats to your system. Programs can use IE’s rendering engine for instance to display contents.

For instance when you sign-into Yahoo! Messenger and pop-up (My Yahoo!) loads.
When you use Skype InApp account manager.

Other browsers offer regular automatic updates such as Chrome and Firefox(though some FF users stick with old version due to add-ons compatibility and performance issues) to keep their user base on latest version.
A new announcement on the Windows Team Blog details that Microsoft is going to change the way the browser is updated. From this year, Microsoft has planned to push Latest Internet Explorer Via Silent Updates.
Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 users will receive automatic upgrades to update their version of Internet Explorer to the latest one. Depending on the operating system, they are either updated to Internet Explorer 8 (in the case of XP), or Internet Explorer 9 when they are running Vista or 7.

It needs to be noted though that that customers and organizations still have options to avoid the automatic deployment of the new Internet Explorer version on their PC systems.
Available for download and deployment are Blocker Toolkits for Internet Explorer 8 and IE9.
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