Your PC is getting slow? Try these

Many computer users have the impression that their systems become just a little bit slower with every day of use. Software installations, updates and even user actions on the PC can turn a powerful PC into a painfully slow system that is no pleasure to work with.
No matter how careful you are as computer user, your system will eventually require maintenance and optimization tasks in order to keep it's performance at the top.

System Optimization ? really?
Not again.
I know how that is done, some registry cleaner, defragger and junk file cleaner, and blah blah...

Well wait, these are best in the whole. Antivirus alone is not enough, it does keep your system safe but to keep it running at top notch you must have one of these software pieces. May be you have heard about some of them or having them already. If you are happy with your system's current performance still you can try them to see if they can make any difference. Trying them won't hurt you as they are all available in  free-version.

So I'll be posting some System Repair or System Cleaner  (or whatever you call them ) software reviews which can certainly improve your PC experience.
In this series i'll review 5 Best Repair solutions for your PC which are free of course. I won't rate them as they are all pretty good and will leave that on you to decide which one to keep.

5th one is Windows itself.
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