Firefox Ultimate Optmizer

Firefox Ultimate Optimizer, this small utility or should i say tiny sorcerer, reduces the memory usage of Firefox to 100-200 Kilobyte.
Firefox was using roughly 40 Megabytes of RAM whenever I started it and one homepage was loaded. After starting Firefox Ultimate Optimizer the RAM usage was reduced to 188 Kilobyte even with Firefox as the active window. The software does not have to be configured and sits in the system tray all the time.

I first used Firefox Ultimate Optimizer back in 2007  with Firefox 3. At that time i had no idea how the Firefox Ultimate Optimizer was reducing the memory usage to such amount but the task manager was verifying the reduction. 
Actually it forces Firefox to run on virtual memory. Instead of letting Firefox use RAM to run, it makes Firefox use the disk drive. Newer drives are probably so fast, you don’t notice the slow down.
This tiny utility can prove really handy as graphic intensive flash games and application often hogs 200-500 MB of RAM. 
Amazingly it still works on all Firefox Versions from 4.0 to the latest. You can download Firefox Ultimate Optimizer here.
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