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Users generally use their browser's default start page, which shows thumbnails of most visited websites or Speed dial page in case of opera or any similiar add-on. Some others use Search engine such as Google or even blank page as Start page. is a fine looking start page that lists your most favourite websites links with big icons. Its free, customizable and elegant. Setup is also pretty easy. It's not necessary to create an account though it's recommended. Just log in, select your favourites sites from the list which covers most of the popular websites and just set it your homepage. Done!

When you signup to service, you get a custom URL (such as, so that you can acess your favourite sites from anywhere without signing in.

To get started, just create an account. You can signup using facebook, twitter or google account. 
After logging in, go to Edit my Sites and select your favourite websites from the list.

If you want to add websites which are not listed, you can create a custom favourite. Go to Create a Fave and put the web adress and select Icon colour, then save.

Other preferences can be configured under the Customize tab. Here you can set number of rows, number of icons, background, icon style, assign keyboard short cuts and Search bar preferences.

Remember to set your URL as public, so that you can access it on other devices as well. is certainly one of the best start page, its free, customizable and elegant.


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