Microsoft Fix It To Repair common problems

Microsoft Fix it Center is Automatic Troubleshooting program which tries to solve issues on your PC, even if you're not sure what the exact problem is.
The software is in beta, and can run diagnostics for 300 common problems with Windows. When you run Fix It, you'll see a list of things to examine, such as display quality, performance, and incoming connections. Clicking the "run" button next to each item launches an automatic troubleshooter. Each one takes only a few minutes. You can download Fix It Center here.

It's pretty easy to Install and Run. With automated troubleshooters, it helps solve issues with your PC. Before applying any changes it asks whether to Scan and Resolve the issue or just Scan and Report.

PC users may have also run into the online version of Fix It, which has been kicking around in Microsoft's support pages since late 2008. But if you're having connection problems, you might not be able to get online, in which case Fix It could come in handy.

Though online version is more specific as there are more specific Fixes available. Just Select the issue, and Click Run Now. This will initiate the download of small program which is usually of 300 KB. Then follow the onscreen prompts to launch the fix. This generally takes less then 2 minutes. You can access online Fix It Solution Center here.

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