Sounds Of Nature : Relax while working

When you work at your computer for long periods, it's important to take break at regular intervals to relax the eyes and body. Applications like Atmosphere Lite and Moodturn (web based) can really help in increasing your comfort level by offering ambient music to “relax and enjoy”.

Atmosphere Lite enables you to experience nature right on your desktop.

The application offers excellent quality nature sounds and themes which makes you feel like experiencing nature in real. Just select the theme and sit back and relax.

It comes with 10 themes which can be customized by enabling different background and random sounds like adding a campfire or enabling light winds to Ocean Sounds. Double-clicking on image toggles the full screen mode offering different wallpapers for each theme. You can Download Atmosphere Lite for free here.

Another service is Moodturn which is web based. Moodturn offers 11 themes, each theme comes with its own distinct ambient noise, and background images that are set to rotate. Just let it run in background while working or surfing and enjoy the soothing sound of nature. The service should be compatible with most modern web browsers.You can access the service here.

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