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One of the first thing to do after installing an operating system is to install an security program to keep the computer secure from viruses and other attacks.If you use the computer to connect to the Internet, and especially if you're downloading files, I'd highly recommend using at least a lightweight anti-virus and a anti-malware program. 
Windows users have lots of options when it comes to Anti-virus. They can install all-in-one solutions, often called security suites (most of which are commercial applications) that combine antivirus, firewall and other security programs.Users who do not want to pay money for security software, can install free alternatives. This usually means that the user needs to install multiple programs to protect the PC from all kinds of threats.

Now installing multiple security programs can be a pain since you have to manually browse the internet and download security programs from their websites .That's where SSdownloader  can aid the user in downloading security applications to the local computer system


The program separates applications in the five categories Free Anti-virus software, Security Suites (Trial Version),Firewalls and Malware Removals and Other tools.
Most applications are free to install and use. Those that are not, are offered and indicated as trial versions.
Users can download programs by checking the program,selecting download directory , from where they can be directly installed or distributed further.

The download options offer two options which are both set to auto detection by default. The first determines if 32-bit or 64-bit editions of the program will be downloaded, the second if versions for XP or Windows 7 / Vista will be downloaded. 
The Open Source tool is available for download at the Sourceforge project website. The application itself is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the windows operating system.
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