My Take on Windows 8

Windows 8 is the next version of the Microsoft Windows computer operating system following  Windows 7In December 2011, Microsoft held an event in San Francisco in which Microsoft announced that the public beta will be released sometime in February 2012, along with the Windows Store Beta.
With the Developer Preview having been made publicly available back in mid-September, at the time it was downloaded in huge numbers and it’s been interesting reading blogs from tech journalists who have been using it in anger. You might have also tried it and then soon got rid of it. If you haven't tried it yet you can get a copy from Microsoft Windows website here.

Since it's release it has received a lot of criticism, some of which is stated below.

Metro is ugly and annoying, Windows 8 is going to become another Vista.
Microsoft has completely messed up everything. They forgot why people use windows, replacing the old user interface with this metro UI is the biggest mistake.
Metro Interface looks good but only looks doesn't matter. The Productivity aspect of Windows 8 is terrible. 
But we need to understand Developer Preview was intended for developers mostly.
With the beta however we can assume that Windows 8 will be feature-locked when the beta is released next month, and so this will be the time to start exploring the features.
Suffice to say, the beta will be a very different beast and very complete. I’ve been reserving judgement over Windows 8 until I see it.

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